Badzlan Bakar

Financing secured, and I’m gonna go gambling.

Business. That’s the next game. But it is a risky game, in a risky industry. Industry that hit super hard by the pandemic. But what is the industry?


I believe this is our 3rd iteration

A gamble, one might say. So, am i crazy? or just pure stupid?

After being bootstrapped for few month, we got the financing we need (which we will announce in few days time). So i guess, not really crazy?

A little bit stupid? Maybe. First year performance we are in the red 2 times. That’s scary.

But it is not that bad after all, i guess.

So, we will push forward, so far we are on track. But to be honest, we are moving faster that what we originally planned.

I guess, we will be just fine.

Badzlan Bakar

Badzlan Bakar

APAC Program Management and Analytics at Microsoft. Co-founder of Saladin Ventures, pre-seed investment firm. Formerly genomics and airline.