Review of 2018

Many great things happened in 2018. Alhamdulillah, thank you to Allah, for granting my wish for year of ease and prosperity. Lets start…

A month prior to Jan 2018, I officially started my new job at 1st-tier technology company, world most valuable public company by market cap in 2018 — Microsoft. I remember phoning my mom telling her that i may not get the job. The 2nd and 3rd stage phone interviews were so tough. I got grilled.

Meet the man who interviewed me, JV Billano.

The culture indeed was a bit more serious than Airasia (previous company). But we have some crazy fun people that made a whole lot difference.

We won the first runner for cooking competition — OCP SMC Offsite in Port Dickson
Some of the team member who worked hard to win the competition — Country Offsite in Port Dickson
Performing again, after many years.
Our team bagged 2 awards in talent competition — Country Offsite in Port Dickson

In September, Microsoft surprised me by approving my request to have a 3-month work-trip to Japan. Off I go, started my first month in Nagoya then Tokyo.

Microsoft Nagoya office
Leaders of marketing function of Microsoft Tokyo office.

Moving from one hostel to another (Oak Hostel, Do-C Hostel, Waq Waq Hostel and etc) every 2 or 3 weeks is not easy, but thats where the real experience lies and wonderful memories created.

Small get-to-know party at Waq Waq Hostel Asakusa

Highlight of the year — During my Japan trip, I met the love of my life, Miho Uchida. I first noticed her when i got to know that she can code a bit and design a bit. I started to have a romantic interest in her when at deeper level, we shared our philosophies and what we value in life which we are aligned on many. Ouh, she can draw, play instrument and sing too.

I finally kidnapped
Hey there heart conquerer

2018 also became the year that i was heavily involved with Couchsurfing community, spending my new year with bunch of great members of the community. On the new year’s eve (Dec 2017), we first had dinner near Petronas Twin Towers, then headed to Changkat (10 mins walk) for party.

Memories with members of the community didnt end there. Few months after, we had our first ASEAN Couchsurfing Meetup in Banting, Holi Festival in Bukit Jalil and Halloween in Tokyo.

The First ASEAN Couchsurfing Meetup — Next is in Palembang
Festival of Colors in Bukit Jalil
Halloween in Tokyo

There are not many holiday trip this year compared to when i was in Airasia. The first trip started with Palembang.

Tea field at Pagar Alam

Continued with Medan with my amazing all-single buddies.

Paropo aka New Zealand of Indonesia

Concluded the year in Kyoto with my family members and girlfriend.

Meet the ladies of the trip
All the way from Tokyo to Kyoto

Other things

  1. The year i got into crypto, bad timing. As of Dec 2018, it lost 80% of its value.
  2. The year official consulted few local and international clients on strategy, org design, planning and management.
  3. The year i started another Sdn Bhd company, Vendiagram, pivoting from consulting company to digital agency and back to consulting.
  4. The year i got involved with a foundation, Global Changemaker Foundation.
  5. The year i, for the first time, helped run a national-scale hackathon, the Lawtech Hackathon.
  6. The year i found Harry Potter contender, The Greatest Showman.
  7. The year all my Charlie’s Angels finally out of Malaysia. Started with Rachel to New York, then Avie to Canada and finally Jessie to France.
  8. The year I failed again at being consistent at writing, learning AI and attending good tech meetup.

APAC Program Management and Analytics at Microsoft. Co-founder of Saladin Ventures, pre-seed investment firm. Formerly genomics and airline.

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Badzlan Bakar

Badzlan Bakar

APAC Program Management and Analytics at Microsoft. Co-founder of Saladin Ventures, pre-seed investment firm. Formerly genomics and airline.

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